Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an effective way to remove dust & dirt build-up, spider webs, mould, mildew, grime, and peeling paint.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an efficient and economical way to remove dust & dirt build-up, spider webs, mould, mildew, grime, peeling paint, and most but not all water based stains from just about any solid surface. The most common areas pressure washed are siding, fences, walkways, patios, decks, inside garages, and driveways. Pressure washing will make the exterior of your home look more appealing, thereby increasing its value.

Stucco Siding

Giving a high pressure wash to stucco on a regular basis is the most cost effective way to help prevent discolouration and staining that occurs over time, but because this is a porous surface, it won’t remove embedded stains. Pressure washing stucco requires more care and attention than other types of siding. Knowledge in proper pressure, nozzle type, and technique will ensure a bright and even appearance.

Vinyl and Metal Siding

Dust and dirt build-up are more visible on vinyl and metal siding. Also, they are prone to oxidation from the sun, characterized by a visible white, powdery coating. This makes the siding look faded. There are products that can be safely used on vinyl and metal siding to remove this residue, but for much less money and without the use of chemicals, one can achieve a similar result through pressure washing. Proper technique will ensure a cleaner, brighter, and more even appearance in your siding.

Wood Siding (Natural & Painted)

Pressure washing natural wood siding can get rid of embedded dirt, mould, and algae that hide the grain detail and make it look dull. It requires more care and attention than other types of siding because it is softer, but proper equipment and good technique will really brighten it up! For painted wood, if it’s in good condition, dust and dirt will be removed quickly and easily from the hard, smooth surface. If the paint job is in poor condition, pressure washing will make preparation for painting much easier by removing much of the loose and peeling paint.

Walked on Surfaces

Walked on surfaces include concrete patios, vinyl & wooden decks, and walkways. These are pressure washed to get rid of surface dirt as well as embedded stains caused by standing water and overhead trees. Wood decks are treated much like wood siding. An appreciable difference is made to surfaces in older areas with mature trees, where a dull, dark green surface can be made to look like new again.

Inside Garages & Driveways

Your vehicles track salt, sand, and dirt into your garage. In turn, this is tracked into the interior of your vehicle and your home. Prior to pressure washing, we do a thorough sweeping of your garage to prevent a large build-up of dirt at the end of your driveway. Also, airborne dust will be minimized through a pre-soak that keeps dust heavy and clumps it all together. The result is a clean and smooth garage floor. We ask that items on or less than 3 feet above your garage floor by removed. Our team can move items if you are unable to do so yourself.

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