Window Cleaning

Exterior and interior window cleaning service that delivers a streak free shine, guaranteed!

Our fully trained student window cleaners wash your windows with a powerful, yet environmentally friendly, window cleaning solution. With proper technique, our rubber squeegees remove the solution and leave a streak free shine. We also remove screens, clean them by hand, and replace them with special attention to the location of each one. We also clean the tracks, screens, and exposed tracks. We clean windows up to three storeys using extension ladders. Some may call this a pane…but we get as close to the window as we can, in order to hand wash it to a streak-free shine. Simply put, you can’t clean what you can’t see!

Window Cleaning

Student Suds exterior cleaning services include window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing, and is offered late April until early November. We carry full liability insurance and Workers Compensation. Our student window cleaning professionals come trained on both quality and safety. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view through clean windows!

Our seasonal services operate from late April until early November and we take request starting in April.
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Benefits of Window Cleaning

  • You will save money by extending your windows’ life span. Regular window cleaning keeps airborne dirt, environmental contaminants like oil refinery deposits, oxidation, and hard water off of your window panes. These compounds also cause etching and scratching when allowed to build up. Basement windows are particularly prone to deposits left from weed control sprayers or sprinkler systems.
  • Clean windows allow more sunshine to come through, not only to provide you with a better view, but also to reduce your winter heating bill.
  • Window cleaning shows that you take pride and care of your home or business. First impressions are everything and sparkling clean windows will help make it a good one.
  • Cleaning windows on a regular basis will make it easier and less costly on future visits. It will also make your home look more attractive and well care for when it comes time to sell. Clean windows will help you sell your home faster and add dollars to the closing price.
  • How often should you get window cleaning? We recommend window cleaning at least twice a year. The best times are once in the spring/summer and again in the fall. When and how often will depend on the area you live and weather patterns throughout the window cleaning season.
  • Why hire a professional company? Window cleaning is an art that takes a lot of practice. Hiring a professional window cleaning company with the skills and knowledge will save you time and frustration. They also have the tools and training to safely clean your most hard to reach windows.

Metal Framed Windows

You can find metal framed windows in more mature homes. They have between 4 and 8 panes that sit on multiple tracks. We remove these panes to make it easier to clean both sides. Our thorough window cleaning involves removing the panes, hand washing both sides, cleaning the tracks, and replacing them in the original order.

We’re A+ Students, look at our grades:
  • Have used Student Suds for about 5 years. They are a very professional company. Their staff are courteous and friendly. Highly recommend them for window washing. They are prompt and work quickly

  • We recently had all our windows cleaned on our 2800sq ft home and the exterior of the house pressure washed. Everything was great. I wasn't home during the service but when I got home everything met my expectations and my property was left clean. I would definitely use Student Suds again and recommend them to my friends.

  • A pleasant experience. The crew arrived early, was very courteous, and did the work very efficiently.

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